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Special Areas of Interest & Experience

Although general Individual Therapy & Couple Counseling is offered, below are areas that

I have focused experience in.


Mood Disorders

     Social Anxiety     

Counseling Adoptees and Other Triad Members



Life Coaching

Social Anxiety Coaching

Mindset Coaching & Training 

The difference between counseling and coaching.


Therapy for Mood Disorders

The basic forms of mood disorders are major depression, cyclothymia (a mild form of bipolar disorder), SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and mania (euphoric, hyperactive, over inflated ego, unrealistic optimism.)  bipolar, a mood disorder formerly known as "manic depression" and described by alternating periods of mania and depression.

How much of the population is affected by mood disorders?
Each year, almost 44 million Americans experience a mental disorder of some type. In fact, mental impairments are among the most common conditions affecting health today.


Individual & Group Therapy for Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is the third top emotional health issue in the Nation.  There is not a lot of attention given to it in spite of these numbers.  Partly because it is sometimes described by those who suffer from it as shyness or self-consciousness rather than social anxiety.  I have seen amazing results from counseling as people recognize patterns and alter the way they think others are thinking of them.  The counseling benefits include a better self-esteem and an increase in the willingness and ability to interact with others.  Start enjoying life!

I offer both individual and group therapy to combat social anxiety. Call or email me so that we can discuss your options and determine if individual counseling, group counseling or both would be in your best interest.


Counseling for Adoption Related Issues

We really don't hear much about the effects of the birth mother/child separation.  The result can have life-long consequences for both the child and the mother.  It is helpful and healing to understand the effects and have help sorting through any areas where these effects may be interfering with life and relationships.

I counsel adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents and all others who need support with adoption related concerns.  Some theme concerns for the adoptee include the desire for a sense of belonging, wanting to know something about their lineage, and the debate of whether to search or not.  Counseling can also help all of the triad members work through their emotions prior to and after being reunited.  Many come to counseling to work on areas that have nothing to do with reunification, rather they feel the need to talk about the effects that adoption has had on their lives with someone that they hope can relate on some level.  As an adoptee myself, I am sensitive to the unique issues that sometimes arise in the lives of those who have had some type of adoption experience.

For Counseling in Austin Contact:

5750 Balcones Dr., Suite 117
Austin, TX  78731




Life Coaching

Social Anxiety Coaching

Mindset Coaching & Training


Coaching helps you take action to move toward a goal and reach higher levels of personal
 development, improved performance, greater career success or increased life satisfaction. Life
 Coaching is not psychotherapy and emotional healing is not the focus of coaching.  If emotional
 blocks are preventing progress, then Counseling would need to take place prior to the coaching
 for best results.  The coaching focus is on creating your future, attaining your peak
performance, and removing what has been holding you stagnant.

For Coaching in Austin Contact:

5750 Balcones Dr., Suite 117
Austin, TX  78731





 Social Anxiety

The Shyness & Social Anxiety Workbook
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Living Fully With Shyness and Social Anxiety:  A Comprehensive Guide To Gaining Social Confidence
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The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety:  A Guide to Breaking Free from Anxiety, Phobias and Worry Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
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The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
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Racial & Cultural Diversity
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Black-White Couples and Their Social Worlds
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Codependent No More & Beyond Codependency
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